Friday, July 3, 2015

Small steps to better health

Edit: This is a personal post, not a writing post.

Tomorrow is our Independence Day holiday. I hope all my fellow Americans have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

As for me, I'm currently in a stable place in my health. Balancing histamine levels can be frustrating, but when they're stable, life is good. I may not be able to enjoy traditional Fourth of July food fare, but I'm okay with that. It took three weeks to get over the latest flare-up, andI learned my lesson--no more overstepping my body's tolerance. I can't even tolerate some personal care products because the chemicals set off histamine spikes, but I'm working around those.

At least my gut seems to be healing. Mentally, I've reached a level of clarity and creativity that I haven't seen in nearly twenty years and am astounded by how that continues to improve beyond what I expect. And that all starts in the gut and healthy flora. That happens slowly from healthy eating, eliminating added sugars, and minimizing natural sugars in fruits and starchy veggies. It's taken three months, but I have seen great improvement. The fog that had been thickening over the years has lifted.

A part of that jump in my improvement came recently, after installing an under-sink water filter. We have decent water, but chemicals in our water affect our bodies also. With as much as I drink--plain or in my tea--it was likely affecting me. I finally saw a big jump in my state of health since my husband installed the filter system. I've noticed a big improvement in my kids too. I'd be willing to bet that something in the water was killing off our good gut flora (chlorine and/or other chemicals or biologicals) or accumulating in the tissues of our bodies, which was affecting our mental state. Reducing those made a HUGE difference for us. My kids are getting along better than ever and my normally moody youngest child has turned around. She was getting there from the diet change I imposed on my whole family, but now she's so much easier-going. Wow!

My husband didn't want a reverse osmosis filtration system, so we installed this, which I will recommend from our experience so far (ask me again in a few years and we'll see how it's going):


I want to share those experiences because I now am a firm believer that so many of our societal problems are due to underlying health issues brought on by our messed up world and all the impurities in our food and drink messing with our bodies. And what seems like a mental issue actually starts in the gut--heal the gut (where most seratonin is produced, where our immune systems begin, and where the fuel for these incredible machines is converted to energy) and you can heal the mind and body in many, if not most, cases. Every person is different and may tolerate some foods better than others, but it does make a difference getting back to basics and away from toxic foods and drinks.

Life is about learning and changing. It's in a constant state of flux. It's dynamic, not static. We must change and adapt to make the most of it. I'm learning, and I'm teaching my family so my kids can have every opportunity for the good lives that we want them to have.

Like staying safe handling explosives, don't we want to be safe to enjoy the next blessing that life has to offer?

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