Sunday, October 25, 2015

the problem with no-poo haircare

I had to go low-poo from no-poo over last winter and now I'm ready to throw it in entirely. After only 16 months, I see no other way to go. I am having issues that just can't be resolved by any "natural" remedies, and I have tried, believe me.

Alas, I will need to switch back to a my old shampoo or an alternative I've found--a tea tree oil antifungal body wash. It does work great on my hair and isn't harsh, so far. Fingers crossed it continues to work.

It is an embarrassing problem and it has only grown worse and more frequent as time has gone on. It's that gag-inducing scalp stench that you can Google for yourself. It's driving me insane and any natural products and even gentle shampoo can't remove effectively. (I pity those who were near me on the worst days.) My hair has been beautiful and strong and I will always have that knowledge.

I have learned a lot in this endeavor to be more natural. Let this be a warning to those who seek to try it themselves--be prepared!

However, while I will return to my old shampoo for the sake of my sanity, I have learned that I don't need to abuse my scalp with it. I've learned moderation instead of going overboard either direction.

I also have to wonder if this smell (caused by micro-organisms) may be worsening my other symptoms. Is it possible it may be keeping my immune system in high-alert? That's worth switching back to test.

So, good bye no-poo haircare. You just weren't right for me.

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