Tuesday, March 14, 2017

a health update and hopes

So, as my health problems continued, I was losing my appetite something scary. I knew that sugar is stimulating to appetite so a little candy from Valentine's day seemed to be helping. Then, my family ate out and I spent the rest of the evening with some spasms (pain-free and just a little weird feeling) near where I had been having increasing pains in one spot in my abdomen (which the last sleep doc asked if it hurt there without me saying a thing--no pain at that time, as the pain came and went). The next day, the spasms had ended and so had the pain.

Over the last week, I've had an increasing appetite--very normal now and even overboard, as if making up for lost calories. I have also started sleeping without medication for most of the night, although that could be because I'm still getting over the flu, and I have not noticed the air hunger bothering me much. As far as the air hunger, I had been trying to figure out if any foods trigger it and the only similarity I could find was fat content and possibly high histamines, but I've debunked the histamines since adding pickles and olives into my diet and feeling better eating them.

I've been using N-acetyl-cysteine every other day to help with the congestion from being sick (mucous-thinning effect of NAC) and it has the added benefit of helping detox the liver (but the stigma that it can raise homocysteine levels, which can be dangerous). And I noticed something on the third day--my jaundice disappeared! It was temporary, but I'm seeing it more and more, even on the days I don't take NAC--I'm turning pink again. There are other symptoms I won't get into that lead me to believe that the culprit of everything not Hashimoto's-related is my gallbladder/liver.

On Monday, I go in for an ultrasound, although from what I have read, that is not a reliable test; but it is the first step required by most insurance companies for gallbladder issues.

Apparently, it is common for women in particular to develop gallstones and/or other gallbladder problems as we age. Also, with thyroid issues (also more common in women), the gallbladder can get sluggish, and the flow of bile or stones from the gallbladder can affect the liver.

I'm anxious to see what next week reveals, although I don't expect much from an ultrasound. I just know that some things have improved for me since that evening of spasms over my gallbladder, and I hope it continues. Improvement is what really matters, but it would be nice to have a full-fledged diagnosis. I would like to conclude all this searching for answers about the insomnia and air hunger so I can finally resolve it and move on or to at least more effectively manage it.

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