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Melanie Nilles/M. A. Nilles is the author of over twenty science fiction and fantasy books, including the Legend of the White Dragon epic fantasy series, the vast Starfire Angels series (so far the 5-book Dark Angel Chronicles and current Revelations series), Adronis series, and many more in various stages of planning and/or writing.

Born and raised in the midwest, Melanie continues to call the prairie home. Her interest in science fiction and fantasy was planted as a child, when she would escape through imaginary play with two brothers and childhood friends. Through the years, she fed her imagination with books and movies and knew from a young age that she wanted to put her own ideas into words.

By the time she finished college, she had several stories written but nothing published. Within a couple years of her return to her home, she met her soul mate, and in less than two years, they were married. Since then, her husband has been an inspiration to her writing. Both Melanie and her family share an interest in dragons, fantasy, and science fiction, evident by their collections of Pocket Dragons, movies, and books.

After she finally saw her dream of being offered a contract by a publisher, Melanie decided to step into the new world of digital self-publishing and saw opportunities flourish that changed her life. has since joined SFWA and continues to write in her spare time around family obligations.

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Q: What do you like to read?
A: Science fiction or fantasy, always. I love outer space/otherworld stories.

Q: Pick your favorite format for reading...
A:  All of them. I love my Kindle Paperwhite and my Nook Touch. I mix it up  with paper on occasion, but I love ereading for the convenience. I can  turn it on and be right to the page where I left off. If I forget my  ereader, I can pick up on my smartphone app where I left off. I'm never  without a book to read anywhere.

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