The Luriel Cycle

Set on a modern world comparable to our modern Earth, The Luriel Cycle is a trilogy with its own angels and demons in the form of luriel (light beings) and daemons. They come from another realm, crossing over from their own Shadow Realm to the world of Ahlias, where their impact on civilization has influenced humans to decry religion and embrace science. Humans see them as nothing more than myths. At the center of that conflict is Lilly, the catalyst for a new twist in the everlasting war between good and evil.

Coming October 2017
(The Luriel Cycle Book 1)
Lilly has been marked for death by daemons from a hidden world, a place known as the Shadow Realm. Within her has awakened the spirit of their enemy, one of the luriel. Such beings are myths to her, but one man is out to prove that they exist. The daemon slayer, Mychel, will introduce her to a world of shadows and light hiding beyond the comfort of science and technology, where ancient myths are real and an eternal war rages on, a war in which she has now been conscripted to fight.

One daemon is doing his best to destroy her before that happens. In human form, Darrac is able to get close to her and soon realizes that she is different—through Lilly, an ancient power has revived, a terrible power than can end the war…by eliminating both luriel and daemons. But destroying that power would mean sacrificing the one who has changed his heart.

Time is running out as the luriel within Lilly matures and her powers grow. One choice will determine the fate of two realms.

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(The Luriel Cycle Book 2)

Coming June 2018

Darrac is dying, and Lilly will do anything to save him, even if that means cooperating with the daemon slayer, Mychel.

What she doesn't anticipate is that it means hiding in an old monastery-turned-historical site halfway around the world. Located in a remote tropical forest, Leru Maas is home to guardians who protect the ancient knowledge of the original Gods.

However, the guardians and the ancient stronghold harbor secrets that only one person fully understands, one whose secrets may help Lilly in her quest. And there is a more important secret growing within her that could change everything.

(The Luriel Cycle Book 3)

Coming Summer 2018

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