Thursday, July 24, 2014

Authors can "sign" ebooks

The service is called Authorgraph and it's very easy and free. Yes, it's one more account to sign up, but I find that it provides a unique opportunity to connect between readers and authors.

I am set up with my books here:

You'll find a widget on my website and blog sidebar as an ever-present quick link to that page. It looks like this:

Get your e-book signed by Melanie Nilles

If your favorite author isn't there, I believe there's a way to suggest it, or you can find that author's webpage and contact them through it to suggest it.

Who says you can only sign print books? Where there's a will, someone will find a way! Ebooks are real books, just in pixels instead of dead trees.


  1. I always liked when authors would just sign the front of a book plate and mail that. Something about the physical object that appeals to me. But, very cool nonetheless.

    Of course, being a geek, I'd just PGP-sign something with my public signature.

    1. I don't mind signing bookmarks and sending them, but this is convenient.