Sunday, July 6, 2014

Success with No 'Poo

I just have to add my voice to the many in cyberspace touting the benefits of the no 'poo method of hair care. It's been two and a half weeks since I last washed my hair with shampoo and my hair is great. I survived the transition period, which went quite quickly for me.

I had a rough first week and my hair went super oily as my scalp adjusted, but about nine days since my last shampoo, I put my head upside down in the bathtub and washed the excess oil out with a few drops of Dawn dish soap (very much the same as shampoo, minus just a few ingredients) not touching my scalp. That helped tremendously.

Once that excess oil was out, all was well. That was about a week ago and I haven't had excess oil since, nor dryness. My scalp continues to be healthy--none of the itchy, flaky stuff that I'd had for years using shampoo.

I had to adjust the baking soda to water ratio a little weaker, now at one part baking soda to about five parts water, but we have somewhat soft water. I also use more and let it sit on my scalp longer and that's helped. I had to adjust the apple cider vinegar amount but have also given straight lemon juice a try and really like that. The problem with lemon juice is keeping it in the fridge. I have to remember to grab it before I get in the shower and put it back immediately afterwards.

My hair is soft. My scalp is fine. The acne on my back is clearing up. I use less water. I don't have to "wash" my hair (with baking soda mix) more than every other day and am even working up to only twice a week, perhaps to stretch it longer in time. In between, I merely scrub with water when needed. And I don't have to spend forever rinsing out conditioner. A quick squirt of either acv mix or lemon juice and a quick rinse and it's done. Saves a ton on water and time.

It's been over two weeks since I used shampoo and I'm very happy with this. My hair looks and feels great. I feel good too, and that's one less expense my family has (baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice are cheap and stretch out a long time for this purpose, unlike expensive shampoos and conditioners).

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