Friday, January 30, 2015

A teaser from Awakening

Here's something just written today. Enjoy!
She huffed a weak laugh but displayed no hint of amusement in her otherwise attractive features. Rather, the look in her eyes darkened into something more akin to annoyance.

"You," she finally said, fixing him with a glare that confirmed his suspicions. "Can't even eliminate one little celemae."

Irritated by the condescension, Darrac leaned back and turned to studying the fountain.

"What does Torek want?" He grumbled the question.

"Answers." She looked down at her breasts around which she cupped her hands. "These things have always puzzled me. What purpose do two lumps of fatty tissue serve?"

"They have their purposes." Ones he had found quite satisfying in past experiences.

She bounced a couple of times and, seeming to have given up trying to figure out the solution, shrugged and dropped her hands. "Yes, men do seem to be drawn to them. You must find these humans amusing to want to stay among them so long."


Awakening will be available around mid-late summer. Watch for preorder links in March.

For now, I'm having fun writing the last third of the book, as you can see from above.


ps--Visit Wattpad for the first two chapters (ARC versions).

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