Sunday, January 18, 2015

Awakening reveal on Wattpad and other news items

First off, I want to take the risk of sharing something pre-publication. I have decided to reveal the first chapter of Awakening on Wattpad at Keep in mind that this is a FIRST DRAFT. I state that in the description prior to opening it, but want to reiterate. This is not the final version. I've recently run the chapter through the mill, grinding it up and reforming it into something more interesting. It's taken a beating, but I'm hoping to gauge the interest for it and will update it as I return to it and fix things.

I'm also continuing with the story. I removed 3,000 words from the first few chapters and rebuilt what was left. The story is tighter and more direct and interesting (I hope). Now, I have to go through and take out references to what was there but was taken out and then I can continue with fresh writing to the climax and end and lead-in to the next book in the series. I edit as I go and sometimes I have to go back when I get an idea and incorporate that where appropriate. Then the writing continues unabated until the next crisis in plot. I have the series outlined and keep thinking of new ideas for it, which is the funnest part of writing.

In other news, I'm awaiting the new cover of Fireblood, so nothing to reveal on that yet.

Last of all, for those who wondered what happened to my horse updates, Trigger is happy out at my parents' ranch, which is too far for me to visit on a daily basis. He's far more at ease with the cows and my sister's horses than he ever was at the stable. My brother-in-law is enjoying spending time with him the last I heard and he's one of those quiet, patient cowboy types (and bull-rider). I hope he can make something of Trigger. Even my sister, who's no fan of Arabians, commented that Trigger is very pretty when he runs. Mister Big Yellow seems to have found the right home, but that's not with me. Only time will tell if it is meant to be permanent. I've had cats that didn't fit into our household but who did find their forever homes through us, so I'm hoping that's what will happen with the big boy.

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