Monday, March 9, 2015

Awakening Pre-orders Available!

Awakening is up for pre-orders with a special price of $0.99 (normally $3.99) for a full-length novel at these retailers:

Barnes & Noble:…

These are all set up on my webpage for the book at I can't set it upon Amazon until the end of this month (3 months prior to release date max for pre-orders apparently). I will send an email out to the mailing list when I have everything ready, along with some treats for the loyal readers willing to welcome me into their inboxes. In the meantime, the smaller stores will be listing it for pre-order also.

I'm working on Nemesis again, for those waiting eagerly for more Starfire Angels. I hope to finish that in May and then tackle last editing rounds on Awakening. Those have to be in by two weeks prior to the release, so I'll be on a deadline.


Lilly has been marked for death by daemons from a hidden world, a place known as the Shadow Realm. Within her has awakened the spirit of their enemy, one of the luriel. Such beings are myths to her, but one man is out to prove that they exist. The daemon slayer, Mychel, will introduce her to a world of shadows and light hiding beyond the comfort of science and technology, where ancient myths are real and an eternal battle rages on, a battle in which she has now been conscripted to fight.

One daemon is doing his best to destroy her before that happens. In human form, Darrac is able to get close to her and soon realizes that she is different–through Lilly, an ancient power has revived, a terrible power than can end the war…by eliminating both luriel and daemons. But destroying that power would mean sacrificing the one who has changed his heart.

Time is running out as the luriel within Lilly matures and her powers grow. One choice will determine the fate of two realms.

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