Sunday, June 19, 2022

Real life mysterious event

Unexplained phenomena, weird things, happen in real life.

Last night, I had just settled onto the loveseat in our walkout level entertainment room to do something I rarely do much of anymore--watch a movie. Now, I like wearing my robe at night, but we have AC so I don't usually get too hot and the cats love that fleece robe. (I'm a cat slave.)

Next to the loveseat is a side table, then a small walkway between that and the treadmill (facing the TV--our rule is whoever is on the treadmill controls the TV while they're walking/running). In front of that treadmill is an oscillating fan that we keep set to just face the treadmill, so about ten feet from where I was sitting next to my husband.

My Siamese had just settled on my lap, as he always does, because that robe on my lap is his throne and you won't convince him otherwise, not even with my laptop there and I'm trying to write. In this case, I had no computer, so he fully stretched out in luxury. (I was done for the night and wanting to vegetate a bit.)

I was getting a bit warm soon after the old boy settled on my lap. That's when the unexplained happened-- the fan in front of the treadmill turned on. No one was near it. My husband and I were the only two people in the room and both of us were sitting on the loveseat. When I questioned what just happened, hubby offered to get up and turn it off. I told him no. The circulating air felt good.

It wasn't scary, just weird. And this is all true. I'm not writing fiction.

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