Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Contributing readers can get free books

Have you ever had an idea for an author that you thought they should take up in their books or wanted to give your feedback directly to the author?

Most authors I know area always looking for what we call beta readers, readers who help evaluate the stories with a critical eye but not quite to the editorial level. The benefit is that readers get to help guide the author's story (or series) and read it before anyone else, but the trade off is that these free stories are often not quite polished because they are not in their final format.

Starfire Angels: Forgotten Worlds is growing... bigger and more complex. I keep a detailed wiki file for the series (23 pages of details so far up to a total of 40 pages with synopsis for upcoming books). That keeps growing as well.

In that complexity, I have the task of keeping it all straight and trying to track the character arcs, story arcs, and tiny details, such as the size of the doors on the Cartegos and where the hidden storage compartments are or the unwritten details that will be revealed and can only be hinted and what of those hints are provided.

In this, I need a few serious readers of the series, loyal readers who could provide corrections to the details they catch and even to provide input.

If you enjoy this series, have a keen mind, and want to contribute to the development of the series, please use the contact form on my website at

Writing/Editing update:
I am finalizing copyedits on REMNANTS (Book 7), then going to rewrites on RACING THE ORAST BELT (Book 8) and, after that, finishing FERIOUS (Book 9), which needs a couple of scenes to be written at the end. 

REMNANTS will be available next Thursday, October 29th!

A note about pre-orders:  
Finally, I want to add that I will not be setting up pre-orders quite so early as I have been. The last few books have taken longer to write than expected. This has consequently put me in a pinch where I almost didn't have the books ready in time. I don't feel comfortable with that. I will set up pre-orders when I feel comfortable with the date that I can have future books ready to my standards.

Please check this blog or my website for information on upcoming books, subscribe to my Amazon author page, or contact me through my contact form with a note to send new release notifications. I generally don't like to invade inboxes. I get enough newsletters myself and give them a quick skim before deleting most of them, but I will gladly send out new release emails to readers who really want to receive them.

(Proof copy of SA:FW Collection 1)
Books 1-5 will soon be  available
in one volume as seen here. Look
for Collection 1 in paperback on Amazon.
("Not for Resale" gray band is only for this proof copy.)

Monday, October 12, 2020

Remnants update

I am almost done with another round of edits on REMNANTS. In the process, I decided to add a new scene at the end. It was something I had considered adding a few books later, but after some thinking about the book while editing, I realized that I wanted to insert this sooner. It adds a layer of drama and tension to the series about one of the characters.

Keep in mind that I have already finished writing book 9 of this series and REMNANTS is book 7, so nothing in the next two books will be affected by this change, although I can sprinkle in some pieces if I want. I can't let characters get off easy. 

I hope you're enjoying the series so far. I'd love to hear feedback, but I understand that people are shy to speak up. Otherwise, it's just my ideas. I'm open to new ideas for consideration. If you're a fan of the series, what would you like to see in a future book?


After leaving the Iludrin at Trsken Station, Nya's friends discover a beacon transmitting from the Cartegos. Although Nik suspects who might have placed it, Zaer is determined to find answers. Her solution is to seek out an info jockey, but nothing ever goes as planned.

They are led to an artifact that reveals a clue about the presence of Nya's people in that galaxy. However, they're not the only ones who seek the secrets of the angels from a time long forgotten. No one is ready for the revelation it unlocks.


Sunday, October 4, 2020

I think too much and don't write enough

I have a confession: Today, I haven't done much of what I should be doing--editing. Aside from pureeing three of the five large pumpkins we were able to save before the first frost killed our pumpkin plant and baking the seeds, I've been coming up with better ideas for other books to come in Starfire Angels: Forgotten Worlds. I know I'm supposed to be editing to have REMNANTS available for release later this month, but I can't help planning for the future of the series too. I have to know more about what's to come to be sure I plant the seeds in what I'm currently working on.

That creativity has led me to more ideas to make this series into something stronger. Some readers may see the allegory already; but, like the Chronicles of Narnia, it's not obvious if you're not looking for it. It's subtle, because my goal is, first and foremost, to write a science fiction adventure/space opera series that's not grim and graphic. The rest is icing on the cake and gives it a more nuanced flavor.

The ideas into how I can do more with the series excite me and make it hard to work in the present timeline, but I like knowing what's to come.

Now, back to editing!


Pre-order REMNANTS (Starfire Angels: Forgotten Worlds 7) Today!

(Coming October 29!)