Sunday, November 15, 2020

Cover reveal - FERIOUS

It's here!

I finally have a cover for Book 9 of Starfire Angels: Forgotten Worlds. The title FERIOUS is not a misspelling. If you are reading the series, you'll recognize the play on words. The fact that L'Ni is mentioned in the cover blurb is another big hint. For those who haven't read through book 4 yet, L'Ni's species is called the Feri.

I have finished the first round of rewrites and topped it off at just over 40,000 words. I will provide a description when that is also ready.

I plan to release this book in summer 2021.

Now, I'm almost ready to start writing book 10. I am at least a third into this series but not quite halfway to where I expect it to be. I have a lot planned for the character arcs of each character and the overall plot. This isn't a simple story to tell but something bigger than I have ever done.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Forgotten Worlds continues

It's been easy to be distracted lately, but I have still been working on the series. I have books 8 and 9 of the Forgotten Worlds series to finish and prepare for publication next year. I have been editing and rewriting to get ahead on that so that I can get back on schedule.

I haven't seen much of my horse. With fall weather, the massive rewriting I had to do to get REMNANTS ready for its release last month, formatting the paperback of the collection of the first five books of the Forgotten Worlds series, and then my parents having Covid (so I stayed away for a while), I didn't have the opportunity. I finally got back on track and made it out last weekend, after a month of my horse enjoying being a pasture pet and my parents getting over their quarantine and recovering without much illness, despite age and underlying conditions. I had to get Buddy's hooves trimmed and deworm him for the fall while the weather was good. That left me sore for a couple days, but thank goodness for the chiropractor (and the hoof stand, although it's still a strain on my back and arms).

Now that I'm caught up on those tasks and back on track with certain aspects of my life (and don't have to worry about my parents' risks of coronavirus since they didn't have any complications), I am counting my blessings and getting back on track with RACING THE ORAST BELT and FERIOUS. I hope to release RtOB early next year, if not in February, then early March. I will list the pre-order closer to the holidays, after I'm on track again and am writing book 10.

Book 10 is going to be complicated. I plan to finally bring in a new character, but I'm not sure about the plot. I think I have a way that will tie several of the stinger scenes together and do more with the Paxons, but it will be a challenge. That's why I don't want to set any publication dates at this time. I like to have the next two books at least drafted before I publish the one ready to go. I like the two-books-ahead writing/publishing arrangement.

Scheduling this past year became too tight for me and I've had to back off the pre-order schedule to catch up. I will let you know when I have a date for book 8. If you shop on Amazon, please also sign up to follow me on Amazon to receive notifications of new releases. Otherwise, join me on MeWe at; MeWe is a place where you are the customer not the product (unlike FB, where your intimate details are sold to advertisers and they throttle page views based on your interaction level).

I'm still writing, and now that winter is setting in, I won't be able to do much with Buddy. Fat boy is getting fuzzy for the winter weather and his hooves shouldn't need trimming until the end of February (hooves grow slower in winter). By then, we should be past the worst of winter and I'll be anticipating the publishing of RACING THE ORAST BELT.