Saturday, June 19, 2021

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I'm done with the latest rounds of edits and back to writing.

After finishing FERIOUS and publishing, I went through DRAGON AND FURY and VOICES IN THE DARK once more, reworking some things and leaving others for the next editing rounds. This series is evolving and with these new books, I find myself looking back to the previous books for details that I forgot to note in my growing wiki file. And sometimes, I just go back to refresh myself on some things. It's interesting to see how characters have changed.

I'm writing Book 12 at this time. I had a difficult time getting started after being in editing mode for too long and then having life get in the way. Ideas were also short and Book 12 has to achieve a certain purpose in moving the series forward in specific aspects with the new characters that came in Book 11 (VITD). Plotting out a story with a specific goal like I have has been a challenge. I like to let the story flow before seeing what I can fit in, but in this case, I have to plot a story around a specific goal ahead of seeing how the story will flow. It's hard to explain without giving anything away, but you'll have to trust me on this. It's a transition to what I have planned for Book 14. I'm not skipping 13, but that one has a specific focus that won't really be affected by my goal for 12. Again, hard to explain without giving anything away.

Now, I hope the life stuff will settle down so I can focus on the writing side again. Book 12 had some details that had to be hammered out in the opening to set up the action for the rest of the story. I tried different angles until finding the right one for one scene and then the right details for another scene. That also gave me ideas of other scenes that could play out. The new idea also ties it into the main series a little more instead of being just a filler story, which was the original plan. It will be a story of character development with some horror elements. I'm not a fan of horror, but I had an idea for this of an unseen threat and people disappearing or ending up dead and boogeymen in the shadows.

I've said before on this series that it is allowing me creative freedom to try different ideas. I have tried different non-linear story formats (DISPOSITION OF DREAMS and FERIOUS) and different plots. I'm going to try something on the suspense-horror side for Book 12. I hope readers enjoy the variety in this series. I still have a lot planned. I'm barely halfway through the series and there's so much yet to explore.

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