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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

~ John 1:1-5


Part of who I am is a child of Christ, a member of his original and only true church founded by his apostles, his first priests. I've been on a journey for several years that has revealed just how poorly we are catechized and why so many have fallen away and lost their chance of eternity in heaven with our Lord. I didn't fall away from faith completely, but I was brainwashed by secular education and not provided a strong enough foundation in the catechism. I doubted much of the Old Testament.

Not anymore. My eyes were opened, the lies shattered; and it has been a liberating experience that cleared the way for deeper devotion.

The word "catholic" is derived from katholikos, the Greek word for "universal" and was first used less than a century after the death of Christ. The Catholic Church is the original church founded by Simon Peter, the man referred to by Jesus as the "rock" on which he would found his church. All the sacraments and prayers were established by Jesus in his ministry and refined over the years; one only has to study the Bible to find their origins. The mass is universal across all nations, hence the name Catholic.


On this page, I would like to list some of the resources that have inspired me to a deeper faith and an appreciation for what I took for granted and didn't understand for most of my life and new resources that I continue to discover. This is who I am and what has always been underlying in my writing in themes and allegory, but now has blossomed into something brighter, deeper, more fulfilling in my life, and I hope you will find the same Truth in the Word of God.

I hope these will lead you to a deeper love in the peace and joy of wanting to please our Lord by repenting from sin and seeking to avoid it. Once you experience just a hint of the love of our Lord, you'll want to share that with the world.

Remember, however, that we're also called to humility and discipline in our faith, to avoid sin and seek virtue.



The Holy Bible (Catholic)Of course, no resources would be complete without first mentioning the Bible, which was originally composed by what came to be known as the Catholic Church. No matter what version of the Catholic Bible you read (New American or Duoay Rheims, or both), you will find the basics of the faith in scripture. And to understand the New Testament, one must first understand the Old Testament, which Jesus references many times in his ministry. I recommend reading all of the Bible, but keep in mind that outside the Catholic Bible, other Bibles are incomplete. 

Note: the Bible isn't meant to be read but to be studied for full appreciation and enlightenment, which often requires research about the cultures at the times it was written. One must also realize the NT was written after some years (usually a few decades) of oral tradition, originally in Greek and/or Aramaic, which was later translated to Latin and then to English and other languages... Also, be careful of who you trust with Bible study. Too many people don't do the research to have an appropriate understanding or don't look at the full picture and, thus, misinterpret the Bible. I recommend starting with this first video of a Catholic Bible study online: Genesis ~ Introduction to the Book of Genesis. Another is the Bible in a Year by Fr. Mike Schmitz.

The Mystical City of God - Next to the Bible, this inspired book by the Venerable Sr. Mary of Agreda is the single most inspirational text you will ever read. It will enlighten and inspire you to seek virtue and avoid sin. I never understood Marian devotion, although I had prayed to Mary for help as a mother, but in reading this, I am developing a deeper love of Our Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary, and more actively seeking her to help me love her son and the Father and Holy Spirit as they deserve. You'll appreciate what Our Blessed Mother did for us and God's inspiration in anticipating the fall of man with Adam and Eve and what he would have done if they had obeyed God. The book is an examination of the life of Mary from God's creation of everything through her life in all her exemplary virtues, referencing scripture and gospels. Just as the creation story and the rest of Genesis was provided to Moses directly when he was in the presence of God, so too was the life of the Virgin Mary detailed to Mary of Agreda directly by the Virgin Mary and her son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Catechism - Whether you start with the Catechism of the Council of Trent or the Catechism of the Catholic Church, this is where you will find an explanation of the basics of what all Catholics believe and why.

Magnificat - Subscribe to receive monthly books with the daily mass readings, prayers, and saints. Regular and large print and ebook versions are available, along with covers for the print books. 1-year, 2-year, 4-year subscriptions with and without special seasons (Advent & Lent). Go to

* The Return of the God Hypothesis by Stephen C. Meyer - The author doesn't go into the Biblical story of creation, but he does explain in detail how materialistic and naturalistic science is wrong and how intelligent design makes the most sense of how our universe and life came to be. It is very deep in scientific philosophy and can be heavy reading with explanations of quantum theories, multiverses, string theory, etc.

- You can find these and other books at some of the shopping links listed below.

Catholic Apps



Laudate (not the official website, but has info about the app)

My Parish

Youtube/Rumble channels 

(many also have websites and/or are on Apple or other podcast services)

Answers in Genesis* (general Christian, focused on answering all the questions about creation)

Ascension Presents (Catechism, Catholic faith, Fr. Mike Schmitz)

Augustine Institute (Chris Stefanik interviews priests and other Catholic individuals)

Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)

Catechism in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz) 

Divine Mercy (Fr. Chris Alar and Marian Helpers)

FOCUS Catholic (lectures on life)

Gabi After Hours (Marian devotion, conversion stories, saints)

I Miss Christendom (short videos explaining Catholic beliefs) 

Journey Deeper (prayers, rosaries)

Kristins Crosses (prayers, rosaries)

Sensus Fidelium (homilies and lectures)

The Catholic Crusade (rosaries, litanies, prayers, novenas)

U.S. Grace Force (podcast of spiritual topics)



Answers In Genesis * 

Auxilium Christianorum  

Becoming Catholic

Catholic City 

Catholics for Catholics  


Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 

Genesis Apologetics *

Is Genesis History? *

Marians of the Immaculate Conception 

Militia of the Immaculata 

My Catholic Tube 

Opus Sanctorum Angelorum

Sensus Traditionis 

Society of the Most Sorrowful Mother

The Divine Mercy

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops 


Bibles, sacramentals, rosaries, etc.

Catholic Company

Catholic Shop

Queen of Angels Catholic Store 


Sensus Traditionis Press

Tan Books 

Veils by Lily

Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey


Posts and articles

List of Mortal Sins Every Catholic Should Know 

3 Evidences That Confirm the Bible Is Not Made Up

Common Catholic Prayers

Catechism of the Council of Trent (online PDF version)

Catechism of the Council of Trent (online html) 

Efficacious Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

List of All Novenas

Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Bible Supports Praying to the Saints

The Five Prayers Revealed at Fatima

The Magnificat

How to Pray the Rosary

Our Lady's 15 Promises to Those who Pray Her Rosary

The Prayer a Renewal of the Baptismal Vows

The 6 Stages of Diabolic Influence

Unfailing Prayer to St. Anthony

Who Were the Brothers and Sisters of Jesus?

Who Compiled the Bible and When?

Proof that the Bible is real history:

Biblical Find: Fragment May Be Named For Famed Biblical Warrior Gideon

Scientists Believe They’ve Found Physical Evidence For One Of The Most Infamous Biblical Stories

Archaeologists: Major Discoveries Have Lined Up to Show Exactly Where God Handed Down the Ten Commandments

Bible Passage Hidden for 1,500 Years Found With New Tech - Huge Proof It Really Is God's Word

Steps Descending Into 2,000 Year Old Biblical Site Where Jesus Healed A Blind Man Unearthed By Archaeologists: Report


Marian Devotion: "Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee."
(Mary, the Immaculate Conception (free of original sin, purest of all humans) and the Ark of the New Covenant (Jesus), will help you grow in love for her son, Jesus, and her spouse, the Holy Spirit, and hers and our creator, the Father Almighty. Just as the original Ark was flawless, so too is the woman who bore the son of God (who would put fresh wine in an old wineskin? or for that matter, clean water in a filthy glass? So too, the Lord's purity would not be carried in the womb of a sinful woman). Satan hates Mary because of her beauty of perfect humility and virtue, and she is the woman who will crush the head of the serpent. Jesus gave her to us as our spiritual mother to intercede for us in her complete fidelity to serving our Lord. In that light, the rosary (Our Lady's Psalter) is, as Father Ripperger says, the single greatest weapon against diabolical forces at our disposal. I have experienced it for myself. Learn it and pray it every day. As Gabi of GabiAfterHours on Youtube says, the more rosaries you pray each day, the greater the graces that will come into your life. It comes on gradually, but you too will discover this if you make the earnest effort.)

(Note: The rosary is a difficult meditative prayer for everyone. Don't beat yourself up if you get distracted--Satan will pull all punches to make you quit. Just refocus and continue.)

Fr. Donald Calloway: "The Virgin Mary: The Masterpiece of God" | SEEK2019

The Rosary: Proof the Rosary is From Heaven (Part 2) - Explaining the Faith

Is the Hail Mary in the Bible? #AskFrJosh  

The Role of Mary: The Assumption and Coronation - Explaining the Faith

Guadalupe The Miracle and the Message (2015) Documentary Exclusive TV

Our Times Part 1: Our Lady's View of Our Times ~ Fr Ripperger (first of series) 

The 8 Shocking Truths Revealed by Exorcists (Ep. 5)

Where Does the Bible Say "Pray to Mary?"

Fr. Donald Calloway in Chandler 2023 - Saturday September 2, 2023 - St. Juan Diego Church (the importance and role of St. Joseph)

Fr Ripperger lectures: 

(Fr. Chad Ripperger is an exorcist, theologian, and philosopher, and an engaging lecturer on church doctrine.)

Confidence in God ~ Fr Ripperger

Why Remain Catholic? ~ Fr Ripperger 

Our Times Part 1: Our Lady's View of Our Times ~ Fr Ripperger (first of series)

Spiritual Warfare and Communism - Full Length

Evolution and the Culture of Death ~ Fr Ripperger 

Fr Ripperger on the Multiverse, Time, Transgenderism, Silence & a Modern Syllabus of Errors 

Guardian Angels ~ Fr Ripperger

Rosary: A Spiritual Weapon ~ Fr Ripperger 

Voices in Virtue Lectures: Fr. Chad Ripperger — Demonology Function & Psychology 

Spiritual Warfare and Marriage part 1/3 - Fr Ripperger (first of series) 

What is Marriage? ~ Fr Ripperger (series on Marriage 1 of 5) (first of series)


Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe

Is the Hail Mary in the Bible? #AskFrJosh 

The Angelus Prayer HD  


Song of the Prayer of St. Benedict: CRUX SACRA SIT MIHI LUX (33x)

Supernatural Music Written by God on Mary's Shroud of Guadalupe in the Year 1531

Divine Mercy in Song Prayer Room 24/7 🙏🏻The Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Song (Beautiful as prayer or background music)


Eucharistic Appreciation: The Eucharist was first celebrated by Christ in the last Passover before his Passion. He gave us this way to be with him on Earth. Many Eucharistic miracles have been observed and even tested. The results confirm that consecrated Eucharist hosts are transfigured into the true body, blood, soul, and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. We should want him to be a part of us, but only worthily (without grave sin--get to confession!) and with the utmost respect or we commit another grave sin. Science has proven that Eucharistic miracles are consistent - Type AB blood, signs of damaged heart tissue, etc. Below are some videos that discuss this.

What Is Transubstantiation & its History? Catholic Belief of the True Presence Explained 

 Eucharistic Miracles

 If first apostles receive on the hands, why not us? 

Catechism and Bible:

Bible Origins

Genesis ~ Introduction to the Book of Genesis (first of series)

Outside of the Church, There is No Salvation

The Purpose of Suffering

Hugh Owen: Sound Natural Science vs. Evolution-Based Scientism

Fasting for Catholics

If God Doesn't Need us, Why are we Here?

Divine Mercy Sunday Explained: How to Receive the Graces - Ask a Marian

Michael and the Exorcist: "I saw her crawl up a wall" | Fr. Dan Reehil 

End Times: Great Apostasy 

Proof of Purgatory part 1: Twenty-two Bible verses. (first of series)

What is Purgatory

The Greatest Penance Nobody Wants To Do - Marian Friars Minor  


What You Should Know About Purgatory

Why Be Catholic and Not Just Christian?

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* Denotes items not specifically Catholic but helpful resources, nevertheless