Sunday, March 27, 2022

A book without a title

Book 14 of the Forgotten Worlds series has been one of the more difficult books in the series to write, but it is moving along. I've been average only about 500 words a day of progress that stays, which is good but not my best. If you take into account my deleted items (whole scenes or pieces of scenes), you could double that. This one has had me writing and deleting a lot more than usual, although most of that is from before I figured out how to write this story. I keep my file of deleted scenes just in case there's something there I might want to rewrite or a detail that I don't want to lose.

Book 14 still doesn't have a title that fits. This one could be a little trouble in that regard, along with trying to find the right cover image. As for the book itself, as of last night, I hit 35,500 words.

The pieces are slowly coming together for the characters to solve the mystery and rescue their friend. I also want to resolve some of the character issues in this that have been carried over from past books. With a long series, there are nuances that need to be addressed at some point. You can't ignore them and pretend they didn't happen. However, touching on them in a way that is right for the characters and fits into the story can by tricky.

If you're following the series, thank you. If not, it's a great time to jump in, since the series is about halfway done. With eleven books out and the twelfth to come later this spring, you have plenty to keep you reading for a while.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

a short update on FW book 14

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I'm still writing, although I deal with health issues that can make that difficult. I've been trying to figure out if I might be deficient in my diet somewhere, but testing supplements can be difficult. I can't take multivitamins because they're imbalanced for me. The other part is middle age--getting older sucks!

I love writing too much to not write this series and must see it to the end, which will be spectacular (at least in my mind for what I have planned). I have over half a book written on Forgotten Worlds book 14 and am seeing all my planned scenes get plugged into place despite the unconventional storytelling of this book. It will be an interesting wedding story with a little mystery.

Part of why I love this series so much is that I can play with different story types and even subgenres and situations. MESSAGES has a touch of horror, and this has a bit of a mystery for the characters to solve to rescue one of the team, and it's not Nya this time.

That's all I can say without giving too much away. You'll just have to stay with me to find out. 😉

Later this spring, I'll publish MESSAGES (Book 12), but I have to finish the first draft of this book (14) first.