Friday, September 27, 2019

unconventional storytelling

My muse is a mercurial maiden who likes to tease and torment me, but I think she may have finally led me to the best way to start FW #6. At least it seems to be writing itself more easily than the other two starts.

It took three tries at starting for me to realize this was going to be unconventional in its telling but similar to some episodes of the shows I love--a lot of my inspiration for FW comes from science fiction tv I enjoy. I love this series--all of the Starfire Angels--because it's let me flex my writing muscles in all different directions. But this particular branch of it is most interesting. I'm basically putting into prose what I would like to see in visual media. I think I've said that several times before.

This isn't the first book in the series that I've used unconventional techniques to change the way the story is told. I do a little of that in #4, IN DARKNESS, LIGHT. As of this time, you can't read a sample yet, so I can't say much. Describing it and experiencing how well it worked are two different things. I don't think you'd appreciate the technique from me describing it. You'll have to trust me. That's also the book where a new, exciting character joins the group already established.

This latest, however, will fill in some gaps about the Inari and their homeworld that were learned in the original young adult branch of the series, the Dark Angel Chronicles. It's fun to revisit that and bring it into this branch for readers who might not have any interest in a full-on young adult series. Nya's young, although past the young adult stage in this series. She has some life experience under her belt, although she is still a bit naive about some things.

There's so much more to come in this series. As long as I have stories to tell, I will keep writing.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

starting again

I finished more rounds of editing on #4 and #5 of the Forgotten Worlds series recently. Those have shaped up to be very good additions to this series and will have more editing before they are ready but are already very polished. I put a lot of effort into each, which doesn't require too much time since they are only around 40,000 words each, the bare minimum to be called novels according to SFWA. (Book 1 actually fell slightly short of that.) The books have been creeping up in length with each, but overall staying within the 40-45,000 word length.

Since I finished the editing yesterday morning, I was trying to figure out how to start #6. I knew where my characters needed to go and what they would be doing, but I didn't know at what point to start. That's a tricky part of writing. I hate rewriting opening chapters but will if I feel it's necessary. Instead of just starting to write, however, I'd rather get as close to the right starting point as possible. That meant giving myself some time to think.

I think I found the right starting point on the newest addition to this series. Once I finish the first draft, that could change. For now, it gets me started writing again. That challenge is over. The adventure is yet to come!

Books 1-3 of Starfire Angels: Forgotten Worlds are available from major ebook retailers, including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Available now: 

Coming December 19, 2019: IN DARKNESS, LIGHT
Coming spring 2020: THE DESTRUCTION OF WALLS

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Happy Book Day!

Vault of the Celestials is here!

This is Book 3 of the Starfire Angels: Forgotten Worlds science fiction adventure. Be sure to pre-order IN DARKNESS, LIGHT, Book 4, so you get that as soon as it's available on December 19, 2019.

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Now, the first three books of this series are available, and there is MUCH more to come!

Monday, September 2, 2019

In Darkness, Light

IN DARKNESS, LIGHT has a release date!

DECEMBER 19, 2019

Watch for it to become available for pre-order from retailers soon. This is the longest of the books so far, although still a short novel.

After leaving Ethal, Nya is on her way to visit the worlds of the Starfire crystal with her friends. However, Zaer has unfinished business, a delivery rumored to give enemies of the Issan a chance to defeat them, and she's not about to abandon it for any reason. Nya and the others have no choice but to go along with the plan.

What should be a simple exchange on the quiet, lowly world of Kurtuz turns out to be a trap. A group of Issan supporters are waiting and ready to do whatever it takes to stop the little black box from reaching its intended recipient. When her friends are taken, Nya must join forces with a mysterious stranger to save them before the Issan capture everyone.

$2.99 at these and other retailers:

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Sunday, September 1, 2019

cleaning up old lists

I posted earlier this summer that I don't do newsletters, and I didn't intend to. However, I broke that recently and sent out a brief update to the small list that I had built up five years ago. It was as much to see if anyone was still interested or opted to unsubscribe after all these years as it was to let them know I'm still writing and where to find me.

I don't like sending stuff out to inboxes. However, there were some individuals from my old Facebook days whom I wanted to contact. I used to have far more followers on FB than I did on my list and took a chance on reaching out to let them know that I'm still around and that I am trying out the MeWe platform, if they want to join me there.

I apologize to those who didn't want that, and have honored your unsubscribe requests. Actually, it wasn't a good test. I decided to delete it for good since Friday's message. I don't want to bother people or spam inboxes.

Thank you for your patience.