Friday, December 25, 2015

News of Nemesis

Posted on my Facebook page:

I found a way to wrap up much of the story in Nemesis. This is going to be taking the SA series out in a BIG way! HUGE revelations and events in this one. I don't want to continue and to try to outdo myself again. I want the whole series to end in a VERY satisfying way. All the last loose ends will be wrapped up for the major characters you've come to know throughout the series.

This one has been so difficult and dragged out because I have been past ready to be done with the series. The books have always been an adventure to write, but this will be the eleventh story/eighth novel of the Starfire Angels main storyline. I don't want to go sour on them and ruin the series.

Last of all, I've pushed back the release date of Nemesis to August of 2016. I want to be sure I can finish this and edit adequately. This one in particular must be perfect!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Kitty Pics

Because I don't have any big updates, some cat pics. The boys were sharing the cat mat in the window today. Dargo (Siamese) doesn't usually like having Jack (brown/white) close. This was a rare occurrence. And I even caught Dargo grooming Jack a little.

Besides the cats keeping cozy on a snowy, winter afternoon, I've been making some progress on Nemesis.