Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A simple request

To all my loyal readers, thank you! I appreciate your continued support, and I promise to do my best to entertain you.

To all readers, I have a request in exchange for the short time of reading pleasure that (I hope) my stories brought you. I don't like to ask, but my books are needing some love. Many of my books are free, so I hope you consider this a small price in exchange.

Please leave reviews, especially on Amazon. You don't know how much that helps me, especially if you liked a particular book and think others would also.
  1. It helps others readers discern if a book/series would be for them or not.
  2. I need a minimum number of reviews and rating to qualify for some forms of advertising. Without that, I can't hope to attract more readers.
  3. Reviews are figured in the algorithms to make a book appear in more searches on Amazon.
If you would like to see one of my stories gain new ground so that others are more likely discover the same enjoyment that I hope you've found in my worlds, this is how you can help.

I put in countless hours on each book, developing, creating, writing, rewriting (many times!), and editing, so that you can escape from real world troubles for a short while. I only ask a few minutes of your time outside of that escape to leave some comments and a star rating.

Thank you!

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