Sunday, February 21, 2021

AVAILABLE NOW! Racing the Orast Belt

This is a fun piece of writing, if I say so myself; but I enjoy each of these books.

After all that Nya has endured since taking on the Starfire's mission, seeing the famous Orast Belt space racing up close is exactly the break she needs. Unfortunately, trouble is never far away. When a criminal organization decides to take the chance on collecting a bounty, not even L'Ni can stop them from taking her. What Nya's captors don't anticipate, however, are her flying skills and the persistence of her friends. The race is on, and there can be only one winner.

Available now for $2.99 from the following ebook retailers and others:

Book 9 Update:

And since Book 8 is done, I'm onto rewrites of Books 9 and 10. I had an idea for an extra scene and some details I need to add to Book 10 during a drive, so I will be working on those before I start drafting Book 11. I am still planning at least two dozen books in this series, so I'm not quite halfway done writing the whole series. (Btw, most writers will tend to agree that the most inspiring times for writing tend to be walking, driving, or showering; probably because our minds are quietest and there isn't much else to do but think during those times, but that's just how it is for me.)

I now also have a description for Book 9:

Nya has discovered a new secret about the Issan plans, and L'Ni isn't about to let the opportunity for key intel slip away from them. Meeting a contact with the information they need to fight the Issan is risky, but it's a risk that everyone on the Cartegos is willing to take.

The mission leads them to a desolate world that is host to a settlement serving the Issan. Getting in is easy, but finding the Dirnothril contact and getting out with the information isn't. The Duras outpost is a dangerous place, and L'Ni isn't about to leave anyone behind.

Book 10 Update:
I am still refining the cover of Book 10. It wasn't what I wanted, but my favorite custom cover artist was too busy. What I have works, but it isn't ready yet.

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