Saturday, January 20, 2024

update and a question


It's taken longer than expected, but I only have the final scene to write on Book 18, and can then move on. On the other hand, I might even leave it until after edits on Book 16, like I've done with others. What's left is that stinger outside of the main action of the story. I've had those in most of the books to add a series depth where it wouldn't otherwise fit into the main episodic story.

I'm still discovering little things to tweak of the plot in this too, like last night after laying in bed to go to sleep. I had to pop back up when something struck me. It was brilliant! It didn't take much--probably less than 100 words--but that little bit added a whole new dimension to the story. It was exactly what had been missing.

Presently, Book 18 of Forgotten Worlds is just over 47,000 words, and the final scene (or maybe even two short final scenes) should wrap up the story at around 48,000 words.

So, that's what's going on in writing.

Now, for the question...

Buy me a coffee logo
I signed up for Buy Me a Coffee. The link and icon are on this blog sidebar and on my website About page. With that, I can even set up my ebooks for direct purchase from my website, although I don't know how that might affect taxes (sales/VAT taxes in particular). For the few readers of this blog, would you utilize that? Yes or no? (Tell me in the comments.)

Other authors who might stop by, please leave your opinion on this in comments and any suggestions. Have you used Buy me a Coffee or a different service to sell direct to readers? If so, what was your experience? And which service?

And if you feel like you want to offer support for any reason, you can offer to "buy me a tea" (I don't drink coffee) any time by clicking the link.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving any helpful comments.

Most of all, thanks for reading! ❤️

Stay warm!

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