Thursday, May 25, 2023

off and running

Book 17 is off and running full-on. The first chapter is almost written. It's a doozy of a revelation to start off the book; but I've been dropping clues for a long time. Subtle as they may have been, some readers might have picked up enough to suspect this. As of this post, I already have over 2400 words, and I just started yesterday!

Below is a current list of titles that I know so far of Starfire Angels: Forgotten Worlds for those who want a condensed list in order:

  1. A New Beginning
  2. The Rule of Yonder
  3. Vault of the Celestials
  4. In Darkness, Light
  5. The Destruction of Walls
  6. Disposition of Dreams
  7. Remnants
  8. Racing the Orast Belt
  9. Ferious
  10. Dragon and Fury
  11. Voices in the Dark
  12. Messages
  13. Soul Shadow
  14. Unbroken Bonds
  15. Beneath the Surface*
  16. Ghosts*
  17. Home**
  18. Sins of the Father**

* books written but not yet published

** books in first draft progress or to be written

I have 25 books planned in this series but don't know the titles for all of them yet. This is what I have for confirmed titles so far.

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