Monday, July 10, 2023

Writing Status

Starfire Angels: Forgotten Worlds Book 17 is moving along, and my goal is to finish by the end of this month, but we'll see what life throws at me.

It's been strange to go back to revisit old characters. Along with Raea and Elis (Starfire Angels: Dark Angel Chronicles), I've also dived into the lives of Valdas (Dark Angel Chronicles & Revelations) and Leksel (Dark Angel Chronicles & Revelations). An update on them came about as a natural part of the events of the story.

I mentioned some time ago that I couldn't wait to get L'Ni and Leksel together. Well, it's been interesting. They're far more alike than I expected, yet different in many ways.

And I was a bit surprised by Valdas yet not. I guess I had things in the back of my mind for certain events in her life and also events in Leksel's life that would happen in the nearly eleven years (plot timeline) between Nemesis and this book. They've changed, but at the end of Nemesis, they were already much different from where they started. In that light, not much has changed except personal events in each of their lives and the choices that put them where they are to be involved with Nya's mission. It should be interesting for those who have stuck with the series. I've tried to fill in gaps for those who haven't so events and decisions make sense, just like I would for any book.

I won't give anything away, but I can say their present circumstances may not be what some expet. I have had to go back to the original Starfire Angels series (Dark Angel Chronicles) and the first expansion of it (Revelations) to check facts. In doing so, I see all the more that I need to refresh Revelations with new covers and maybe another editing pass. (I found a typo of the kind that spellcheck wouldn't catch.) So, there's another project to take on, probably prior to publishing this book when the time comes.

For now, I can also say that Book 17 is just a hairsbreadth from 30,000 words. I expect this to finish around the 40K word mark by the end of the first draft. The last few books have been creeping over 50K, so it's good to get back to my original length goal for these books.

That's all I have for now, but it's enough. I can't believe I've been writing the Starfire Angels series for fifteen years! (And it started with an idea for a YA science fiction that seemed to be an urban fantasy type story based on an old novella with changes inspired by an anime series I liked.)

Thanks for reading!

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