Saturday, March 23, 2024

Book 19 - incredible progress

I made myself wait to write this episode and was going to make it Book 20, but it couldn't wait. And now, I'm having way too much fun writing it. Book 19's working title is ALL THE KING'S MEN, and it is all because of the Feri I created for the series.

Soon after I came up with the name and look of L'Ni's people way back in writing Book 4, I knew I had the perfect alien species. Not only does the name play well with fury (FURIOUS and DRAGON AND FURY), but they look like space elves. I'm having fun with making the Inari and Feri played up a bit as fantasy creatures on a world with humans in a no-tech medieval setting (logical explanation for that amid the high-tech other worlds). I even have a creature that resembles a dragon that is native to the world on which this story takes place, and it existed before humans were transplanted there. There's no magic involved, however; it's all technology and Starfire.

This is going to be too much fun to write.

It has had it's own struggles already, but filling those plot holes was easy.

Plus, I have over 6K words already written in less than a week! (So far--that pace could change.)

I've said in the past that this series lets me write all the stories I could ever want to write but with a common setting and characters. The original Starfire Angels was science fiction with a veneer of YA paranormal. This series is space opera, but this episode has a veneer of high fantasy.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Books 1-16 available now. (Books 17 & 18 forthcoming this year)

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