Monday, March 4, 2024

The Bible is real history

For many years, I worked for someone who would disparage the Bible and my Christian faith, an avowed atheist. I suspect a part of him knew it was true, but he was mislead by mainstream media (which is anti-Christian (or what could be referred to as coming from Satan)). He was a liberal removed from the faith of his birth by the lies of MSM.

I had no argument then for him, but in the years since his retirement, I've been finding incredible proofs that events in the Bible are REAL HISTORY, although I never had any doubts. I just didn't have anything to support the argument then. I've added those as a section in my Faith Resources tab. (Scroll down to the section Proof that the Bible is real history.)

What he doesn't know is that every time I'd pray for him, the next day he would say something derogatory about faith, religion, and/or the Bible; it wasn't every day, just after I had prayed for him. The real proof to me is that I had never told him I prayed for him... NEVER (unless he reads this post--then he'll know--but he never knew at that time). I could set my watch by it and I knew what was happening. Anyone with any spiritual intelligence will know what that means. The demons knew my efforts to convert him and protect him from eternal damnation in their domain, and they worked overtime to keep him where they want him--believing it's all a lie.

It's because of this person and the lies of Protestantism spouted by a friend led away from the Catholic faith that I've become fascinated with everything I can find about the truth, which has led me closer to God. I thank them for their challenges. Those were what Fr. Ripperger would call signal graces; in these cases, they were graces that I needed to push me to studying my faith, bringing me closer to God, which is where we're meant to be.

If you have any doubt about God being real or think your denomination is superior to the original church founded by Christ on his apostles, I've collected a long list of articles, videos, websites, and channels sorted under the Faith Resources tab. It will take some time, but at least you can start there. I've put in a lot of time and effort to cultivate this list from all that I've watched or read, and I continue to add to it, but there is far more on the internet than one person can consume in a lifetime.

Happy studying!

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