Thursday, March 7, 2024

a story of the horrors of hell

I'm working, I swear, but I keep coming across great videos like this that distract me. The latest round of edits on Book 16 are making great progress, and I expect to finish edits by the end of next week. I had a few more changes I hadn't expected that will require one final copyedit pass.

I can't ignore this but must spread the warning. The warning in this video is chilling. 😱

The only way to avoid hell is in the sacraments of the Catholic Church and eliminating ALL sin (and sin includes writing sex scenes in books or titillation for readers). Lust, envy, gluttony (not just food but lots of needless stuff), greed, wrath, sloth, pride, and every insult to God and his commandments, including cursing others, vulgarities, etc. These and more are offenses against God. Only true contrition and penance through the sacrament of reconciliation in the confessional will repair our relationship with God.

For my writer friends who think God is allowing them to write stories with sex scenes and titillating scenes, glorified violence, etc. that isn't from God but from Satan. He's leading you to sin and using you to lead others to sin. And for that one friend, sex in books between married couples is still sin, because the reader is fantasizing the characters, not their own spouse. Reading a sex scene between fictional characters is no different than peeking in on your neighbors having sex in their bedroom. That is adultery in the mind, a sin of lust. I beg you reconsider the damnation of your soul.

Think of God as discipline and logic, not exciting your feelings; yes, he is joy and love and can even be angry at us (see all the examples in the Old Testament), but he doesn't manipulate our feelings. Rather, unless we truly seek God with all our heart and seek to please Him, there is a veil that blocks us from being close to Him--it's called free will (He will never force himself on us). Satan and his demons feed on feelings and manipulate your feelings, but they can even mislead you with a false light. Learn the sins to avoid and don't listen to feelings. As Fr. Chad Ripperger says, virtue is painful until you reach a certain point of pursuing it. I can attest to this, and God will test you at each level of virtue, stepping back to see how fully you will pursue him. Your writing may suffer to avoid lust/adultery of your readers, but it will save your soul. Isn't your soul worth more than money from leading readers to sin?

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