Saturday, August 2, 2014

Detox simply

I didn't realize that when I went no 'poo (shampoo-free hair cleaning) that I would be detoxing my body.

It started about a week after going no 'poo and has only changed more. I started noticing little things--feeling more alive, a clarity of thought I hadn't had in over a decade as my head grew foggier through the years, and more creative. A few weeks later, I started noticing that I wasn't craving sweets as much and that's grown to where some things just don't appeal to me anymore. I still have cravings on occasion, but after a bite or two, I'm done, or I just want fruit to satisfy the craving and that's it. No more binges. I've recently noticed a reduction in my appetite, which is a nice bonus. No 'poo for me is meaning weight control.

Today, I had a Dr. Pepper (favorite soda) at the theater (Guardians of the Galaxy = awesome!) and regretted it later. A movie "small" is more like a medium from McD's. I got terribly sick, although I'm sure the little bit of popcorn didn't help. I'm used to a few cups of green/chai tea a day, so the caffeine isn't so much a problem as the poisons in the drink. I haven't had a soda in several weeks, but this time I got so nauseated and tired with a slight headache and heart burn that I am adding soda to my offensive foods list.

I never imagined how stopping putting harsh chemicals on my scalp would change my body, but it has. It's made my body very sensitive to the toxic chemicals in processed foods and drinks. I'm better as I type this, a couple hours after the worst hit me.

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