Wednesday, October 22, 2014

this, that, and some of those

1. I am sick. Kids are in school. Fall is here. It is inevitable.

Last night, my youngest complained about tummy troubles. Who do kids go to when they feel sick? Usually mom. In this household, it's mommy. Guess who woke up feeling sick this morning while the kid was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? Yep...That's me. Made it into work for an hour after the Pepto gave me some relief only to realize this wasn't some IBS incident that was over and done. I hate when kids share their cooties.

2. I have been counting down to an important decision that I made a week ago and have been crying every other day. I know I'm doing the right thing and feel better since confirming the decision after seven months of torment and the slow decline that crashed last month. It's harder watching that decline, but when I see how far gone they are, I know I'm doing the right thing. I've talked to many who have been in similar situations and those who know I did all I could, and they understand. That is easing my pain.

I will elaborate in two days.

3. Amid #2's troubles, I have managed some writing. I believe it's because of the indecision plaguing me since spring that has hindered my creativity most. It has led to a lot of sleeplessness and frustration and the lack of focus that goes with those. However, I am keeping myself going on one project or another. I've picked up on something from a few years ago and am rewriting. I can see that I've had a lot of growth since starting that project and am fixing the mistakes I made then. I'm not sure when I'll return to Nemesis, but that is the good part about writing for myself--I choose my own schedule.

4. I am working with my fantasy cover artist to rework the Fireblood cover. It will fit with the style of the other Legend of the White Dragon series that he's done. I hope to have that up by Christmas.

5. When that last cover is done, the artist will be designing a back cover to use interchangeably for all five books of the Legend of the White Dragon paperback books that I plan to release this winter. All 5 books will be coming as individual paperbacks.

That's it for now, folks!


  1. 1. Got to love kids.

    2. If I'm guessing what it is, that royally sucks. But, sometimes, you have to make those choices. If I guess wrong, it still sucks.

    3. Writing is good, it helps heal and also gives you a chance to work it out on words.

    4. Yay, love the artist's work and your covers are still fantastic.

    5. Backs are obnoxious, aren't they? Most of the illustrators I've worked with really don't like making wraparounds though I love them so much.

    1. #2, you've been following me long enough to probably be right. Yes, it does suck. It has for a long time, but there's only so much I can do and the suffering is hard to see. We're better off making this decision. I do feel right about it, but it's not easy.

      #4 Paul is great at what he does. I trust he'll make a good back cover for these too that works for all of them.