Sunday, November 1, 2015

Proposed anthology

Now that Illusions of Truth is out and getting read (every writer's dream), I'm giving consideration of what to do when the 90 days of initial KU is up, as well as when The Lereni Trade's time in KU is up.

I'm thinking of putting together a couple of anthologies of the short stories in my list, one for all the Starfire Angels shorts/novellas and one for a general romance anthology of shorts/novellas.

I'd like to know what you think should go into each from this list:

Starfire Angels shorts/novellas:

When Angels Cry
The Lereni Trade

Other shorts/novellas:

A Turn of Curses
Illusions of Truth
At the Water's Edge
Beneath the Crashing Waves


Or should I just put them together in those groups?

I'm thinking an anthology price of $4.99 would be fair for ebook anthologies, since they'd be 99c and $1.99 stories separately.

Or should I make one anthology of about 6 of the best or most romance-centric of these? If so, which six? (I'm thinking WAC, Shards, TLT, IoT, AtWE, BtCW) If so, I'd probably price an anthology like this at least $4.99 plus put together a paperback edition. I like larger anthologies myself.

I could have any of these ideas ready for Valentine's Day. But what do readers want?

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