Monday, March 4, 2019

the homestretch

I'm almost there.

Not only am I nearly finished writing the first draft of Vault of the Celestials, but I am also now wrapping up line edits on A New Beginning. I'm in the homestretch on both in their respective stages of writing.

Available April 4, 2019!

I needed a break from writing Vault of the Celestials, which has been a hot mess for writing because it's so deep into setting the stage for the overarching plot, so I switched gears to the final editing stage of the first of the series. VotC wrote itself out of order as I knew some things and tried to make them work but was lacking one key aspect--suitable conflict. There wasn't enough to make it interesting.

Characters need a conflict to resolve and an emotional attachment that draws a reader in. Those are the basics of a story.

Now that I found the source of conflict for the characters story, the rest finally snapped together like a puzzle. I just need to add in the final scenes that have been outlined to bring it to a satisfying conclusion. Then I can hit the rewrites, because it will need some heavy rewriting!

And once I'm past that degree of writing to graduate to a second draft, I'll feel comfortable deciding when to publish Book 2: The Rule of Yonder. I expect that I'll be ready for that in June. Given the delay in finishing VotC, it will likely be the end of June, because I'll need time to properly edit that also and this first draft of Book 3 is taking longer than expected.

I don't know if any of that made sense. What you can take from that is that Book 1 is in final edits and almost ready for release. Book 2 will be available some time in mid to late June because Book 3 is taking a little longer to sort out than expected.

I can't wait to share the cover of the next book, but not until it's listed for pre-order.

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