Friday, April 5, 2019

fixed it

Yesterday was the first day that A New Beginning was available.

And last night, I checked the formatting and cringed. How can it look good on the preview but turn out so poorly in the "Look Inside" and on my Kindle? I wanted to cry. It wasn't terrible terrible, but it wasn't as nice as my other books.

It's fixed now at least. I stayed up late last night and worked on it, then saw an NCX issue with the table of contents this morning after the other formatting fix and fixed that before heading out to work.

I thought I had it all ready to go and then my worst fear was realized. On the book's birthday.

This never gets easier.

But, now it's corrected and looks good. I know what went wrong--trusting Amazon's software for creating a mobi file. I'll stick with formatting in .docx. (Part of the problem was the images inside. I tried a different way to create the mobi files because I've had issues with trying to insert cute little images for decoration in chapter headings or scene breaks from .docx files before. However, this ended up not having that problem. Either Amazon fixed something or those other files had glitches with the images.)

Now, I'm on a mission to check other files.

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