Monday, December 20, 2021

Forgotten Worlds 11 status

Book 11 of Starfire Angles: Forgotten Worlds is coming along in the editing. With two weeks left of this month, I should have VOICES IN THE DARK ready around New Years, which is a good time, since there won't be any guaranteed distribution until after that. Most of the ebook retailers have a block on posting new books for a two-week period around these holidays (Christmas and New Years).

I'm not setting up pre-orders because that just delays the release since it has a 10-14 day window of finishing edits before the book becomes available. I'll publish when it's ready, which I'm expecting to be sometime in the first week of January.

I can't believe I have a series this long, and it's only almost halfway done! I hope you stick with me to the end, because I have more exciting adventures outlined and have been planting seeds throughout the series for some big reveals to come.


Escaping the Paxons caused damage to the Cartegos that requires more extensive repairs than Vel and Shen can perform in space. To access the damage, they need to set down in an atmosphere. To reach a planet with an atmosphere, they need Nya to open a portal, and the Starfire entities have the perfect location.

While the ship undergoes repairs, L'Ni accompanies Nya on a journey into a cave on Karam Three to find the shard left there. However, the wildlife is protective of their world and attack ferociously to defend their territory, driving Nya and L'Ni deeper into the abyss of the cave.

The situation is no better for their friends. While Nya and L'Ni are trapped within the darkness, their friends must make a difficult decision.

Not all is what it seems on Karam Three.


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