Monday, May 30, 2022

MESSAGES has arrived!

It's done!

The latest installment of the ongoing Starfire Angels: Forgotten Worlds series is now available from major ebook retailers. It's been a lot of work getting this ready. As I mentioned in my last post, I've had a lot going on in my real life. This book also required a lot work to hammer it into shape, but it's finally done. I hope you enjoy the latest book of this series, available from most major retailers and eventually from all of them. Purchase links are updated at as they become available.

When a distress call is caught by the Iludrin, the team can't ignore it, but no one is prepared for what they find. The signal leads them to an unstable star system, where a slaver vessel drifts aimlessly. Despite multiple life-signs, no one answers their inquiries.

Saving the prisoners is a priority, but when rescue teams board the derelict vessel, they soon discover why no one has answered. Something deadly is lurking in the grim corridors, killing crew and prisoners alike. The rescue teams from the Iludrin could be next. However, when a secret is discovered on the ship, they can't leave it for the Issan to claim, or the mysterious threat on the ship will be the least of their concerns.


In case you're new to this series, here is a complete list of books in order (more details on the Forgotten Worlds page of this blog or at my website Forgotten Worlds series pages):

1:   A New Beginning
2:   The Rule of Yonder
3:   Vault of the Celestials
4:   In Darkness, Light
5:   The Destruction of Walls
6:   Disposition of Dreams
7:   Remnants
8:   Racing the Orast Belt
9:   Ferious
10: Dragon and Fury
11: Voices in the Dark
12: Messages

Upcoming (written but not yet published):
13: Soul Shadow
14: Unbroken Bonds

More to come! (expect around 25 books total in this series)

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Thank you for reading!

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