Thursday, June 19, 2014

An update post

Just a few things going on...

1. I'm waiting on artwork for Spirit Blade. Paul Davies (Legend of the White Dragon covers and Tiger Born cover) is working on this one too. I've seen the preliminary sketch and am excited for the final version.!

2. I'm waiting on one edit of Spirit Blade before going forward with all editing suggestions. I want to be able to digest it all at once when I go through it next. After that, I'll polish up just the first part for release in July (mid-late).

3. I'm not sure what I want to work on next. I was going to try a short story and just couldn't get into it. I thought I'd start the next Starfire Angels book, but right now, I'm so deep into the Demon Age world of Derandria, that I want to stick with that a bit. I'm building my reference file of background information for the worldbuilding. It's so much easier to have something like this for a series than to have to guess or try to search through previous books. Nemesis may get pushed back.

4. I have two branches to take in the Demon Age series next, overlapping in time period. Yikes! No wonder I'm having trouble deciding what to do next--too many ideas, too little time!

5. Non-writing related, I think my horse has ulcers again. Thank goodness there's a generic omeprazole available. I can deal with 1/6th the price of the name brand product that's been the only real choice until the patent ran out this year.

6. I'm an aunt again :D

7. Enjoy the Summer Solstice! (Yes, I ran out of things to say. It's late and I'm finally tired enough to head to bed. Good night!)

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