Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mail list sign-ups

As I posted on Facebook earlier today... "If anyone has sent a request in the last couple of months to sign up for my mailing list, you might want to send me a message directly. I just discovered a spam folder undeliverable message using an email I didn't recognize from the service that my website designer set up for that purpose. I caught it but now wonder how many others might have been deleted as spam, since I don't open any messages from emails that look suspicious. If I haven't sent a receipt confirmation in return, in the last few months (before then, all was well), please send me a message directly to my main email..."

Also: "ps--this is why I encourage people to follow me in multiple ways. One or another will fail part of the time. Technology is never perfect."

Now that I know what to look for in the error message, I am going through those messages in the spam filter as they appear. Unfortunately, I don't know how far back this error goes and how many requests may have been trashed, as I clear my spam folder on a daily basis.

The contact form at melanienilles.com/contact.html is working but was forwarding forms as error messages. My website designer is looking into the problem. In the meantime and probably indefinitely, I'll be looking more closely at my spam messages.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty!

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