Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Spirit Blade

The cover is here...

Fabulous artwork by Paul Davies (pdportraits.co.uk).

The serialization schedule is posted on my website at melanienilles.com and links will be updated as they become available.

Hunters (Spirit Blade Part 1) is now listed as FREE at Smashwords and Page Foundry. It will soon reach other retailers and hopefully sooner than later become free at Amazon. For now, it's $0.99, the lowest price it can be until it price-matches.

For quick reference, here's the publishing schedule for the serial:

Part 1: $0.99 FREE (Available NOW)
Part 2: $0.99 (10 August 2014)
Part 3: $0.99 (24 August 2014)
Part 4: $2.99 (7 September 2014)
Part 5: $2.99 (21 September 2014)

Complete Novel: $4.99 (5 October 2014)

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