Saturday, November 22, 2014

Goings on

It's nearly Thanksgiving here. I have a few things to be thankful for.

I've been working steadily on Shadow Realm Saga Book 1. As you can see on the series page on my website, I've updated the brief description with what type of setting it is--urban fantasy / contemporary epic fantasy. Yes, there's a love triangle in this first book, but I'm planning 3-4 books and each will take on a new stage for the main characters, which will be changing throughout the series. This will take place over a twenty year period. So, although the first book is largely romantic, that won't continue in the other books. I say it's a contemporary epic fantasy because it is epic in scope and features a fantasy world in a contemporary setting but on another world like ours. I'm experimenting again, and I like it. :)

I've written a traditional epic fantasy (Legend of the White Dragon). For this current WIP, I wanted to imagine a world in the future that had passed the medieval period in their history and moved on. But this is more similar to urban fantasy as an alternative explanation of heaven and hell.

I'm so thankful that I can bring these ideas out. I've finally come full circle to doing what I want and not thinking about the market. Having a job and not relying on ebook royalties has given me that freedom. Whether it succeeds or flounders isn't an issue. I'm happy writing what appeals to me. I'm sure there are at least a few people out there who will like it.

And after I finish this, I'll jump back into Nemesis. I promise.

I'm sure I speak for all writers in saying this: Thank you for your support. We write to express ourselves and we hope that we can touch others in some way. I'm grateful that you give us a chance. Entertainment is such a subjective industry.

To other writers, thank you for writing the books I, my husband, our kids, and our friends and family enjoy. Thanks for all the variety. I'm proud of my kids for their reading habits that we've pushed on them through our policy of 1 min. reading = 1 min. digital device (usually games) time with a 1 hour minimum. Because we pushed, they had to work and that led to them finding books that engrossed them. They now often have their noses in books more than their eyes glued to a screen. Among all the choices, they are never without something that interests them. Both kids score very high on standard tests in all categories and perform very well in school. I'm a proud mom. :)

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