Saturday, January 10, 2015


If anyone were to ask, at this time, my greatest writing disappointments have been my Demon Age novels. I consider them among my best writing for character depth, worldbuilding, complexity of plot, and detail; yet they can't seem to pick up any traction. My lighter stories sell much better. Where's the audience for NON-European Medieval fantasy settings? These have a touch of Asian in them (influenced by anime), giving them a slightly different flavor than most fantasy stories.

I would gladly send copies to legitimate reviewers. I have paperbacks on hand at this time or could gift ebooks. Simply contact me at,  an email set up specifically for any inquiries on this series.

You can find out more and download PDF samples at Spirit Blade is available as a complete ebook or in parts with the first two parts (Hunters and Chains) free. That's almost half the book.

I love these books and want to see them reach the right audience.

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