Saturday, February 14, 2015

Current Status

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating those you love.

Today for us was a family day that went like this: Clean house, then off to the theater on a spur-of-the-moment whim to see Jupiter Ascending (which hubby and I had planned to go see Monday, except we had a sick child that day), and then an early supper and a quick errand before coming home. Overall, it was a pleasant day. Valentine's may be considered a day of romantic love, but I'm blessed to have a family to love and enjoy spending time with (when kids aren't fighting). It was a rare treat.

And the movie was much better than I expected. I had read many reviews that panned it but I found it enjoyable. I kept thinking a little bit of Dune, a little Farscape, and a lot of other pieces from SF I like. Overall, I liked it. It was cute and exciting, and eye candy for those who love breathtaking visual effects.

Now, seeing so many movies with winged characters, I have to wonder when I'll get a call from some big Hollywood exec/producer/writer interested in buying the rights to my series. A writer hopes...

And speaking of that, congrats, Lisa K. I will be sending signed paperbacks of the complete Dark Angel Chronicles series with the new covers. Thanks for joining the mailing/contest list.

Last of all, I'm within 20K words of finishing the first draft of Awakening. I'm at the point of building up to the final big moment and then a revelation that will lead into the next book, Enlightenment.

But before Enlightenment, I'll be going back to finish Nemesis (Revelations book 3). I love the butting heads between Leksel and Valdas. That conflict is almost too much fun to write. I'd been waiting so long and now I want to do it right, because...It's Leks and Valdas. There's no other explanation necessary for it. I'd been laying the path of it since Broken Wings but didn't know it until finishing Phantoms. Shards sets up some big changes for Leksel, so be sure to read through that before Nemesis.

And if you want to be sure you get it as soon as possible, sign up on my mailing list to receive the notification of the pre-order availability...Go to


  1. Sounds like a blast of a day. We decided to celebrate ours yesterday so we had plenty of time to play with the boys when they came back today. Overall, it was a nice relaxing day.

    Glad yours was fun (except for the sick kid part).

    1. Yeah. We quit planning any V-Day activities as a couple before we ever had kids--too busy! You can't get in anywhere. So, the movie happened to be playing early afternoon, we didn't have any snacks, and we were done before the normal supper time but hungry enough to make an early, pre-Valentine's-supper-crowd restaurant visit. It all worked out great, although my only complaint was that the one screen where the movie was playing was 3D and the only seats we could get weren't the best. Otherwise, the kids got along and didn't whine and actually enjoyed the movie that they didn't even want to go see in the first place (Allen and I wanted to see it). When the kids are good, everyone is happy :)