Thursday, June 28, 2018

Eternal is coming soon

I haven't been blogging much lately, but most of that is because I've been in an editing state of mind. That is, I've been deep into editing Eternal to get it out in July.

I've had a lot more to clean up on the manuscript than I had expected. It always is, but once I get into editing mode, I start to really rip things apart and rewrite. I look forward to getting this one out so that I can get to work on the next project, something that I look forward to very much, but I'll leave an explanation for another time.

Right now, let's focus on the latest and greatest, the third and final book of The Luriel Cycle trilogy, Eternal.

For millennia, the world of Ahlias was guided by the whims of the Shadow Realm's beings. Daemons unleashed their fury hunting down the enemy luriel hiding inside humans. Those Awakened humans struggled to survive until they could one day Ascend to join the ranks of the luriel fighting the daemons in the Shadow Realm. The cycle of Awakening, Enlightenment, and Ascension was all they knew.

Until now.

Lilly has the power to end the luriel cycle, defeat the daemons, and restore the balance of the Eternals. She has learned to use the Un'Dei within her. She has seen the truth about the luriel and daemons. And she has accepted her fate. The time has come to cross the bridge to the Shadow Realm to end the war that has shaped her world and stolen the man she loves.

But the Shadow Realm is no place for a mortal...

Coming in July 2018!

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