Tuesday, April 7, 2020

animals don't know there's a pandemic

My horse needs his exercise. I do what I can when I can. Today, I took advantage of the weather and he took advantage of half decent footing on the lunge-line. Corrals are muddy after our snowstorm last week and rain since then, but I found an area of grass where he could stretch his legs. (There is no indoor arena available.) I didn't have to do anything but keep him from going too fast.

Afterwards, he enjoyed some of the green grass starting to sprout for the spring.

In case you didn't notice, I've been feeling good lately and making the most of life with the changes we've had to make. We will all eventually get this disease, like the flu or a cold, but the point is to keep the spread slow enough for medical facilities to provide appropriate care to those afflicted.

So, I'll do what I can to provide something positive for anyone reading this blog. I hope it brightens your day.

Still a lot of winter hair, but I brushed out a LOT prior to lunging. I'll admit he is looking less shaggy than a month ago. Also, I have not touched up any of the pics, and he is that chunky (not terrible but not in shape) after standing around a bale all spring, which is another reason he needs exercise.

It'll be interesting to see him change as spring greens up the land and we get more riding done. Then I can compare later pictures to these. He's seven this year--a mature adult horse.

ps--I remember when equine herpes virus became particularly troublesome many years ago with horses dying from neurological issues due to EHV-1. It was a difficult time for the horse industry because of the ease of transmission on that. It's become a risk of owning horses, and they can still die even when they've been vaccinated. It's a scary world for humans and horses, but we'll get through it.

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