Thursday, January 5, 2023

Print books available

What a nightmare!

I hope people like the print formats, because it's been blood and sweat and lots of hair-pulling to get the formatting right. And even when using the cover templates from BN and D2D, they can still have misalignments.

Nevertheless, I have persisted. The first two collections are now available in paperback from print retailers and in hardcover versions from Barnes and Noble.

Paperback also available

Paperback also available

And the first four books of the Forgotten Worlds series are now in paperback (ranging in price from $9.99-$10.99 so far, depending on the book length and printing costs):

If they aren't appearing at a retailer yet, it could be a distribution delay or that I am still working on some formatting issues after seeing proofs.

More will be coming, but it does take time and money to make it happen. I'll continue with adding more individual books next month.

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