Friday, January 27, 2023

a quick update on print books

I've been working hard on formatting and setting up print books, but it's just not what I expected. I'm appalled at the poor quality of paperback on-demand books. Once upon a time, covers used to be a heavier card stock, but now they're far too lightweight. I've requested more than enough print jobs for my day jobs over the years, so I understand paper weights and qualities. I've also been seeing so much crookedness in how the paperback books are physically cut that I don't feel comfortable selling them.

For Forgotten Worlds, I'm going to stick with the hardcover omnibus collections on BN but will keep up the omnibus paper collections on Amazon, so I can price them much lower. Just be aware that the paperbacks are not of a very good quality, no matter where I have them printed (LSI vs. Amazon KDP). 

Stick with the hardcover collections if you want the stories in print. Unfortunately, I can only make those available from Barnes and Noble.

I'm going to have to figure out how I want to deal with this on the other series, if I want to move forward with printed books with those. Playing with different print options from different sources is not encouraging.

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