Saturday, March 18, 2023

one more round of edits

Editing Book 14 is taking more work than it should, but the writing projects compete with other issues I have to deal with. Sometimes I can't focus clear enough to feel like the work is satisfactory, and I have to take a break until my mind is in a place where I know I'll better evaluate what the story needs.

I did all the major rewrites a while ago on Book 14. I added descriptions where they were needed, but the biggest piece was adding to a subplot that had been just simmering beneath the surface. Bringing that more into the limelight adds a layer of conflict that the story needed, not that having one of the main characters abducted isn't enough of a conflict.

Since then, what I've done in the last couple of passes is to clean up the story. In some places, I rephrase/rearrange ideas and in others, I cut entirely. After a day or so break, I did more in the latest pass than I had anticipated and want one more to evaluate the flow of the story and make sure I didn't leave words out and that punctuation is correct. Since the first editing pass, when I added to the story length because of rewrites and adding description, I've now removed about 2,000 odd words in subsequent editing. It's the great clean-up, which means the work is nearly done. Similar to what Zaer tells L'Ni at one point in Book 14 on the wedding day, it cleans up nicely. 😁

This is taking longer than expected, but, as I mentioned, I have other issues impeding my focus. One thing that readers may not realize is that I deal with multiple autoimmunities and food sensitivities (for many years, but one I didn't realize I had until recently). I never imagined when I was "healthy" what the life of someone with autoimmune issues involves (kind of like being pregnant and giving birth--no amount of birthing classes can fully prepare you for the experience!). I never realized that when I was "healthy", I was actually getting sick. So, here's my warning to you--eat clean, exercise, get out in the sun, laugh and smile, and love life while you can. I've learned to deal with my issues joyfully; it makes me appreciate what I have even more. It can make some things more difficult, like focusing on writing, but I get through it.

I guess you could say that L'Ni's training of Nya in the Starfire Angels: Forgotten Worlds series is a lot of what I've learned in conquering my issues--the lessons about fighting on and not giving up. A lot of the wisdom I've gained in life comes out in the writing in some form or another.

So, I missed my goal of this past week, but I am hoping I'm in the final round of edits and can publish this week.

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