Saturday, March 4, 2023

Almost there

I've been editing Book 14 of the Forgotten Worlds series.

I always go into each editing round thinking this will be the last, but just one more pass to be sure... and I find even more and think "just more more pass." Fortunately, each round tends to have fewer changes and farther between, until it's comma placement and spelling issues. It starts with fleshing out descriptions where they're needed, replacing bland sentences with active sentence formats, enhancing points in the story or removing them, and moving things around--basically, major rewrites. It then progresses to adding more in the second round while taking out redundancies and scraps that get missed from major rewrites. By the third round, I'm doing much more cutting than anything else to clean up scenes and make them more concise while fixing minor issues of punctuation and spelling. Then it's just one more pass for simple copyedits.

And that pattern isn't changing. Despite having gone through and rewritten sections while trying to write books 15 and 16, I'm in round three of edits on Book 14 and still nitpicking . I'll need that fourth round for final review before publishing.

I would expect to have this ready to publish sometime in the next ten days, if not sooner. No more waiting on the wedding of Ann and Nik. Since I first mentioned the connection between Nik and Ann in Book 2, it's been a point I've been eager to reach. Twelve books later, it will be realized. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. I'm enjoying these books so much more than I could have imagined! It's been many years since I've read for enjoyment. I've spent those years studying and learning to further my career and spiritual development. But now I'm compelled to read and immerse myself in new worlds and lives of these amazing characters you've created. Its exciting and emotional and enjoyable and I want more! Thank you! Many blessings 🖖🏼live long and prosper, so you can continue the series 😄

    1. Thank you, Mike. I'm glad you like the books. I enjoy writing them. I wish you continued growth on your spiritual journey.