Friday, February 24, 2023

More pieces falling into place... and status of series

Walking never fails. Walking, showering, or driving--Those three are the biggest activities for juicing up the creativity. In this case, I was on the treadmill. (I'm not going walking outside when it's 30 F above, much less in a -20F windchill, as we have this afternoon.)

I had an explosive insight into the whole of the Starfire Angels and Forgotten Worlds series. I have the origins of the dark creature served by the Issan, and why the Starfire entities aka Guardians are so focused on it. I won't reveal that in a blog post. You'll have to stick with the series for that major revelation, which probably won't be until the end. (I have to give you something big to wait on, especially since there's already a big revelation coming in Book 17.)

This revelation is going to twist everything on another dimension completely. Everything is falling into place and coming to me before I need it but only close to when I need to reveal it.

Sounds kind of familiar... like how the Starfire tends to think. No more wondering where that aspect of their behavior comes from (my unconscious mind).🙃

And in the status of the series, I did decide to go to Book 14 for edits. It's been too long since book 13 was released and I want to get 14 out for readers. And it will also allow me to move from book 16 right into book 17. The two will be close in the days setting, so it should be easier in writing to jump from one right into the other without a break.

Look for Book 14 sometime next month!

Coming March 2023

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