Monday, December 15, 2014

Book Goodies

First of all, I have decided on a series of titles for the Shadow Realm Saga books. I've updated my website with the information on the page for the series. (

Book 1: Awakening
Book 2: Enlightenment
Book 3: Ascension
Book 4: Eternal

I've also begun work on a description of the first book, Awakening:
Daemons don't fall in love. When they cross from the Shadow Realm, their purpose is to destroy the celemae, the fledglings of their enemies, the luriel. Darrac has been doing this for thousands of years. Now, he's met his match. 
A luriel spirit has awakened in Lilly, and others like her will do all they can to protect her. The Pallora Fen is a group of others like her who train to empower their luriel and eventually to Ascend to the Shadow Realm to join the battle against the daemons. Her assigned protector and trainer, Mychel, has a challenge on his hands to gain her devotion. 
Lilly is determined to make up her own mind about what's right for her; but the fates of two realms and an eternal war depend on her choice.
It's not finalized, since there's still plenty of time to tweak, but this will give an idea of what's to come.

I'm hoping to finish the first draft in February, if not sooner. Once that's done, I'll be able to come up with a release date, maybe in midsummer.

I'd like to get going again on Nemesis for release before the end of 2015, probably in December of next year.

Last of all, I've fixed a few errors in Tiger Born. I have no idea how one of them got in there--some weird sideways "L" thing. While I was at it, I cleaned up some other things too. The ebook was updated several months ago. I finally fixed the paperback also. I now have a proof copy of the paperback and will sign it and give it away to someone who comments on this post with their interest. I'm not sure how long I'll wait, so speak up sooner rather than later.

Oops! One more thing. Paul Davies, the talented artist who redesigned the main Legend of the White Dragon books and both Demon Age series books, is finishing up work on the fifth White Dragon book, Fireblood. Look for the new cover sometime after Christmas.


  1. That is very exciting to hear about your updates on the Shadow Realm Saga books!! It sounds like it's going to be awesome. :-) Anyways, I would absolutely LOVE a proof copy of the paperback, signed by you. If the offer still stands! xx

    RandomGirl2008 (AT) live (DOT) com

    1. K., I had offered it to someone else who spoke up, just not on this post. However, I'm still waiting to hear back from her. I'll give her a couple of days before I let it go to someone else. Keep watching.

      Thanks for your interest!

    2. Okay! Thanks for the response! Keep me posted :-)