Sunday, February 10, 2019

Progress on Book 3: Vault of the Celestials

It's been a great weekend for writing. I've been extremely focused and creative this past weekend.

I'd already had a good start on Vault of the Celestials while editing A New Beginning at the end of January. However, it had been slow starting with the first chapter completely rewritten and the second rewritten to a different character's POV. By the time I started the third chapter, I was starting to get a feel for this story but still had some rewriting until I figured out where to take it next to get where I really wanted to go. Once I had that, I coasted.

I've had to rewrite the first chapter of two of each of the books so far, but I do what is necessary to make the story interesting. This rewrite was smashing... literally. You'll see in the fall. Take my word for it now.

This past weekend, I think I wrote 6,000 words to reach 16,500 as of this post, with an expected end of the first draft somewhere between 35-50,000 words total. I just don't know yet where this will fall exactly. It's different than the first two books of the series.

Each story has a bit of a different feel, depending on the situation. It is episodic but has an overarching plot that can easily get stretched out with whatever I have in mind for my characters. That means that each story can be whatever it needs to be, and I do like variety. It keeps the writing interesting for me.

That's where I am now. I'm still enjoying it; actually, maybe too much. This is such a fun series to write!

Book 1, A New Beginning,  is the introduction with its own story but also introduces the overarching plot and purpose for the series.

Book 2, The Rule of Yonder, is a fun, super fast-paced romp that adds a little to the overarching plot but is mostly just something fun that expands the expectations of the universe and establishes some background.

Book 3, Vault of the Celestials, gets deep into the overarching plot by digging into one of the characters in the group and providing a basis of what can be expected in the mission of the main character.

Book 4 will be another fun romp outside the main mission but also will tie in to the overarching plot. I will always have some part of the larger plot tossed in.

Book 5 is still not quite gelled enough to say much.

Beyond book 5 is bits and pieces, but I have ideas through what could easily be ten books. That will grow!

And I am building my encyclopedia for the world as I go, adding species, governments, places, technologies, and even common phrases.

I hope you're getting as excited to read this series as I am to write it.

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