Saturday, June 22, 2019

Another book done

Well, it's done. IN DARKNESS, LIGHT is complete at around 42,000 words, the longest of the Forgotten Worlds series so far. It wasn't intended to be, but that's how it is now, in the second draft. The first draft was actually around 39,000 words, but in the first round of editing, I did some minor rewrites throughout and added a short last chapter. That short last chapter didn't add as much as the rewrites, however.

The timing on finishing first round edits on #4 was perfect, right about the same time that #2 was released. THE RULE OF YONDER was released two days ago. Now, you can read #1 and #2. And if you can't wait for September for #3, there are plenty of books in the Starfire Angels series as a whole to keep you busy until then:

Dark Angel Chronicles (young adult SF):
Starfire Angels (the book that started the whole series)
Broken Wings
Crystal Tomb
Origins of Dark Angel
Forever Dark

When Angels Cry (SF novella)

Revelations (SF, transition to using pen name M.A. Nilles):
Deception (novelette)
Shards (novella)

Beyond Starfire Angels (SF):
The Lereni Trade (novella)

Forgotten Worlds (space opera SF):
A New Beginning
The Rule of Yonder
Vault of the Celestials (coming September 12, 2019)
In Darkness, Light (coming winter 2019)
(much more to come!)

I've come to realize that half of my stories--or maybe even more than half already--fall under the Starfire Angels umbrella series. I enjoy it and keep finding new directions to take it. Forgotten Worlds is just the latest and so much fun! It's all been fun, though, which is why I keep coming back to my Starfire-verse.

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