Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Forgotten Worlds #4 progress

I'm currently working on the fourth installment of the Starfire Angels: Forgotten Worlds series. After massive edits on Vault of the Celestials, it was difficult to get my focus back on the writing side of things, but I eventually got there. And I needed that time to figure out the story.

Then I realized where else could I pick up except where the final scene of VotC left off? I don't yet have a title for #4 of this series, but I do have a cover design based on the world where Zaer has a connection with a special delivery. Once I got going, the story picked up speed to where I had written over 4,000+ words this past weekend. It slowed down since but only because I need a breather--that was quite the pace for me. Part of that strong pace was the inspiration of a new character mysteriously appearing and gaining development.

I love new characters, but this one took over my imagination. He's interesting is all I can say at this early stage, but I already have big plans for him.

I'm only 10K words into this, or about a quarter of the expected length. I generally plan around 40K words on each of these, give or take a couple thousand. It's actually an awkward length but so much easier than aiming for 100K novels. And I have more fun because I can switch up adventures more frequently. That keeps me going.

I hope it keeps you going too. I have a cover mostly ready for #4. I just need the title, which will come at some point.

For now, you can start this exciting new science fiction series with the first book, A NEW BEGINNING. The second book, THE RULE OF YONDER, will be available on June 20. The third, VAULT OF THE CELESTIALS, will be available in September. This fourth book you can expect sometime soon after Thanksgiving (U.S.).

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